Our Lady Queen of Angels

Above: Cartooning on the second lancet. I have been working from the bottom up on this one and you can see where I am at the moment, working on the male angel’s head, the one holding the crown. On either side are the black-and-white copies of the design digitally enlarged, just as they come out of the plotter. Over these print outs, I place a sheet of cotton tracing paper and begin drawing. The first lancet on the left is finished and this is the second lancet from the left. If you look at the upper part of the tracing paper, you can see the digitally enlarged image of Lucifer faintly showing through the thin tracing paper.

Below: A detail of the same area. These cartoons are then being used to make the patterns and, most importantly, will be the guide for the glass painting.

Below: The next two photos show the first lancet being patterned by Joshua Pride. He is using a rather thick card stock paper for the actual glass patterns. The thickness of the paper is great for guiding the glass cutter accurately. He is using a three-blade scissor to cut the glass patterns. It will punch out exactly the correct amount of the paper, making each pattern for every piece of glass slightly smaller, making room for the lead cames (channels).

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