Queen of Angels Inscriptions

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The titles of all nine choirs of angels span across the base of all five lancets of this window. Many of our windows include text of some variety, either something to do with the subject matter or a dedication from the donor of the window. You can see dozens of examples of text in windows on the Studio Website (www.beyerstudio.com). My personal favorite is the Magnificat arranged above the figure group of Gabriel and the Virgin in the Altar window at Our Lady of the Mountains in Jaspar, Georgia. Rita Beyer, our resident Caligrapher, designed that Roman lettering. But for this window I wanted to try something we have never done. Instead of painting the lettering in vitreous glass paint, this time we would craft each letter with small pieces of glass. You can see in this photo the title “Principalities” has been drawn with each letter defined by the leading. Josh Pride has patterned the letters, yielding dozens of Tiny pattern pieces not just in the letters themselves but in all the spaces between the letters. He is coloring in the letters with a yellow highlighter, just so he can distinguish the letter pieces from the spaces between once he cuts them with the three-blade pattern shears.  

Here below is a closeup of the lettering.  See how small the pieces are.  They will be even smaller once the three-bladed scissors take away enough of the pattern paper to make room for the leading.  We will seen how this leaded lettering method works as opposed to painting the letters in vitreous paint and kiln-firing them.  Certainly it will be more colorful  and it pushes more of the creative process away from painting and more toward cutting and glazing skills.

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