This is where I get to spend perhaps 50% of my time when I’m not staring at spreadsheets or taking phone calls. At present I am drawing on the full-size cartoon for the Guadelupe window. For the past two months I have been engaged with several large projects, some definitely in our future and some others that stand a good chance of coming our way. One is at Penn State University, another was the largest window at the Washington Memorial Chapel. More on both of these later. In the meantime, I am making slow progress on this full-scale cartoon. I’m working in charcoal first then 2B pencil.
I’m fussing a lot on each of these angels with changes, sometimes subtle but on this figure group, the modifications are significant. If you go beac to key first post on the Our Lady of Guadelupe window and check out the original watercolor design, you can track the modifications I am making on each of the figures.
Here is a panoramic shot of the studio or at least as much as I could get in. I won’t get any drawing done tomorrow. I’m driving up to Long Island for a meeting about a monastery in California. I’m very excited about the chance to design for a monastic environment.


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