Oxford Windows— University Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

The University Church is one of many splendid examples of gothic architecture in Oxford. Looking west from the nave one is treated to a huge seven-lancet window by Kempe Studio. Charles Elmer Kempe founded his renowned studio in London in 1866 and produce great windows for churches all over the world, including the very fine collection in the Lady Chapel of Saint Marks in Philadelphia.
Jesse sits at the base of the window supporting the family tree of Jesus.
As is so often the case with English Victorian windows, this one bristles with various coats of arms.
Saint John the Evangelist is Identifide by his symbol the eagle. The fine vitreous painting here is the hallmark of all Kempe windows.
His tunic is red flashed glass that has been etched with hydorfloric acid, eating away the thin red layer to reveal the clear glass below. gold silver-nitrate staining is used liberally throughout the window, applied densely in the curtain rod but more lightly in the Saints hair. Note that the figures are pale, painted on nearly clear glass, a hallmark of the Kempe style.
Meanwhile, I spent time both days this weekend working on the Queen of Angels Cartoon. I think I am finally finished with this upper middle section but I still have doubts about some parts. I need to get this happening faster because of other projects crowding in on my time.
A detail of this weekends work.
One more.
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