From Cartoons to Glass Selection on Queen of Angels Window.

The watercolor design and the full-scale cartoons have been spread across our largest table, right in from of our largest window, all to facilitate glass selection.
We probably have twenty thousand dollars worth of glass in the studio, half French and half German, but there are still some colors we don’t have on-hand and need. I recently bought a couple of cases of French glass from Saint Just, much of is specifically bought for this window but tomorrow Fred will drive up to S. A. Bendheim in North New Jersey to fetch another two cases, this time all German.
When selecting glass, it is best to have the patterns and the glass on display all within view. First we cut the patterns for the glass with the special three-blade pattern sheers. then we lay the pattens out on large sheets of plate glass with the full-scale digital prints below. As the patterns are matched with the desired glass they are handed off to someone who will sit all day and cut glass, a very pleasant way to spend time. S the glass is cut, the pieces are laced out on the plate glass in place of the patterns. Josh Pride lays an individual piece in place.
Here above are two rather subtle pieces of French flashed glass. Flashed means that the sheets are actually clear glass with a thin layer of color on one side. In this case we have a red violet sheet and a purple sheet. The red violet being selected for the crown that an angel on the left is holding and the purple will be used for the pillow the crown sits on. Both of these will be acid etched, especially the crown piece where the color will be removed down to the clear glass, where the gold portion of the crown will appear. We will show you this process seen in another posting.
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