Glass Painting Begins on Our Lady Queen of Angels Window

We hung the hand-drawn cartoons up on a wall adjacent to the window where the glass selection was being done. We needed the drawings there to inform the glass selection process but it also made a nice display for the Donors and Monsignor when they visited the Studio last Wednesday to view our progress.
Here is a shot of the central figures in the cartoon.
The selection process is taking place on our largest table. A choice of glass is bade for arch piece of the pattern.
Here is a photo of my vitreous glass painting on the top right-most section of the design.
Here is what the vitreous glass painting looks like in reflected light just before it is kiln fired.
This is the section that I am working on now. It is the one just below the one shown above. This is the first glass painting that I have done in probably three years and it took me a while to get comfortable again with the techniques.
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